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How to Use Shapes to Tell Your Story

Nov 20, 2020 1:15:00 PM / by Caleb Costelle posted in Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Digital, Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Advertising, Design


One of the fundamental elements of design is shape, and for good reason. A lot can be accomplished with the use of specific shapes. Whether harnessing an existing interpretation or playing with shapes to tell a different story, simple angles and curves can be used to your advantage. Here are a few examples of how:

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How Investing in a Functional Logo Can Save Headaches in the Future

Oct 16, 2020 11:39:16 AM / by Caleb Costelle posted in Logo Design, Color, Print, Web, Advertising, Design


The argument could be made (and has been) that a logo can be anything. Its core purpose is to act as shorthand for your business, and all of your business attributes become attached to it over time, regardless of its visual details. And I would agree that there is some truth in that argument. After all, plenty of businesses have thrived despite having “bad” logos. But what isn’t always obvious are the struggles that take place behind the scenes with these “bad” logos. Without an optimized logo, you could be fighting against it more often than you’d like.

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Introducing Zipie Orbit

Jun 16, 2020 10:17:28 AM / by Caleb Costelle posted in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Strategy


Think of the market as space. A vast cosmos filled with planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies, constantly moving and changing. Planets colliding, new stars being born, new planets forming solar systems making up the galaxies. Now imagine those stars as customers and the planets that spin around them are messages, content and conversations in the customer’s field of awareness. What if you had control over what planets entered into a star’s solar system at any given time and those planets shaped the star’s perspective and made them realize they were a part of your brand’s galaxy?

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