Introducing Zipie Orbit

Jun 16, 2020 10:17:28 AM / by Caleb Costelle

Think of the market as space. A vast cosmos filled with planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies, constantly moving and changing. Planets colliding, new stars being born, new planets forming solar systems making up the galaxies. Now imagine those stars as customers and the planets that spin around them are messages, content and conversations in the customer’s field of awareness. What if you had control over what planets entered into a star’s solar system at any given time and those planets shaped the star’s perspective and made them realize they were a part of your brand’s galaxy?

At Zipie, we champion and embrace the customer-centric, data-driven methodology of inbound marketing developed by HubSpot, but we needed a more specific model that could help us match our services to a marketing strategy that fits our clients’ unique needs. This philosophy had to encompass all that we offer, be customizable for each of our unique clients, and most importantly, keep the customer as the center of its focus.

 Thus, the Orbit was born.




By placing the customer as the star in the marketing solar system, we ensure success based on the inbound model (if you’re not familiar with this approach, read up on our blogs that reference the methodology here). Through careful planning, we selected the right services (planets) to use, adding them to our strategic model. The result is a customized solar system that we will then set in motion around potential customers, using data to help bring it in closer, increasing brand awareness, bolstering customer relationships, and ultimately driving sales.

 We’ll admit that the imagery might be a bit out there, but we’re here to think radically about marketing, and sometimes that takes shooting for the stars.


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Caleb Costelle

Written by Caleb Costelle