Pre-Event Planning Best Practices

Aug 6, 2019 1:37:25 PM / by Zipie

Ain’t no party like a Zipie party. – said, everyone, ever

Though you may not see that cross stitched on a pillow, our party planning skills span more than just sending invitations (though you may have seen these?). Event planning is our jam because we get to do what we do best: collaborate, stop and listen.

A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier, an exciting PGA tournament, is one of our clients’ biggest sponsorships and is right around the corner. We’ve got all hands on deck to get this event not only off the ground, but off the ground with incredible results for Ford Motor Company again this year. Here are some pre-event planning best practices we’ve learned over the years.

Stop and Listen

We start each of our projects by listening to our clients. Is your goal to increase brand awareness? Or maybe you want to generate leads? How do you define a lead? From there, our plans are tailored specifically to that list—from invitations to RFID wristbands.

Create Firm Deadlines

We believe in firm deadlines and transparency. Once your Account Executive and our Traffic Manager have discussed each deliverable, our deadlines are set. This includes everything from print deadlines for programs to setup deadlines. At a Military Tribute at the Greenbrier, for example, our noise has to be minimum during the practice rounds. Our team arrives on site days before golfers hit to the green to keep noise down.  

Staffing an Event

Our team sets us apart. We’re a group radically committed to our clients and crafts, which is why our team is able to staff Ford’s tent. Staffing is determined early so everyone has the same objective and goal in mind for the event. Who better to serve as an ambassador for your event than those who work every day to help you solve business problems? Our passion for each of our clients spills into every aspect of your staffing so your customers have a unique opportunity to engage with your business on a personal level.

How do you plan for your events? If you’re worried about your next sponsorship, rest easy. We have the planning power, collaboration and plenty of Vanilla Ice puns to get your event off the ground seamlessly. Find more information on our events offerings here or fill out the form below!


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Written by Zipie