What Does Zipie Mean to Us?

Nov 23, 2018 1:08:04 PM / by Zipie

There are exactly three doors in the Zipie office. It’s safe to say Team Zipie shares an intimate work space and we like it that way. The lack of physical boundaries in Suite 250 lends itself to an atmosphere of constant collaboration. We’re always yelling across the room to ask each other questions, offer ideas and make the occasional joke or jab.

That’s exactly what Zipie means to me; collaboration. In our office, from the Digital team to the Accounting department, everyone’s ideas are important and valued and while they may not be the idea we end up implementing, they are all heard and held with care. On the flip side our President, Nate, always says, you are not your ideas. So if you have a ridiculous idea that you know we we'll never use but you just have to say it out loud to make room for more brainstorming, we welcome it.

Zipie means something different to each of us and that’s exactly what this project represents. Each word you see was selected by a member of our team to describe what Zipie means to them, from “Data” to “Dedication”, this is Team Zipie.


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Written by Zipie