We Design, You Decide

Sep 9, 2019 1:21:16 PM / by Zipie

The idea is simple: each week one of our designers roll the die to determine their “wild card” business from a list of twenty things we made up. There’s everything from lip gloss and sandwiches to hot sauce and private planes so the designs are sure to inspire. From there, one of our designers craft two logo concepts and you, our loyal friends and followers, get to vote on which you like best.

The designers don’t win anything; you don’t win anything. The idea is to keep our creative minds sharp and take some time out of our everyday workload to design something fun and silly. Plus, you get to voice your superior opinion online, which is what social media is all about right? We kid. 

Follow our social feeds each week to vote on your favorite design. You can also suggest business ideas for the list and we might just create a logo from your suggestion.


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Topics: Logo Design, Culture, Design


Written by Zipie