Unleashing the Power of Google Analytics

Jun 1, 2018 4:22:24 PM / by Zipie

Helping you to better understand your audience is a huge part of what we do here at Zipie. Whether it’s building an attribution model, establishing a cost per acquisition or determining ROI (return on investment), the ability to properly track and understand analytics is essential. Everyone has heard of Google Analytics. Maybe you even use it on your site, but do you truly understand the amazing power the platform can unleash? Do you know that you can track a click on your ad down to the minute it created traffic on your site? What about the pages that customer viewed, time they spent on those pages or buttons they clicked while navigating through your site?

With great knowledge (data) comes great responsibility. Let’s not get carried away here. This isn’t the Cambridge Analytics scandal. We’re not collecting personal information. Instead, we’re analyzing behavior that is in no way associated with a name or personal identification. We know what our ads are targeting, or the product the customer is looking at. By layering each piece of this data on top of one another, we can begin to uncover correlations by recognizing repeated behavior. Once enough visitors exhibit the same behavior, we can begin to consider the data to be reliable enough for a technical, creative or targeting adjustment.

How do we determine what data to look at? Great question, and the answer is dependent on your business objective. Maybe we want to track a button click, an item added to a shopping cart, a form submission or a phone call. Maybe we want to track all of these things. Allow me to introduce you to Google Tag Manager. If Google Analytics is the peanut butter, Google Tag Manager is the jelly. You can’t have a delicious PB&J without both ingredients.

Through its variables, tags and triggers, Google Tag Manager allows us to do it all. We can implement custom JavaScript for retargeting or send a ping back to Google Analytics every time someone clicks on a hyperlink. The configuration of conversions through Google Tag Manager is almost endless. Our experience in successfully implementing these configurations is what sets us apart from other agencies. Combine thousands of unique users with hundreds of predetermined and measurable data points, and… boom! You have a Zipie digital advertising campaign.

Let's wrap this all up. Whether you’re considering us for your next agency partner or not, make sure you’re working with someone who can fully unleash the ability of the Analytics / Tag Manager combo. Make sure they have the means to determine ROI and Cost Per Acquisition. Make sure they can set up and correlate the conversions Tag Manager collects to the traffic data in Google Analytics. After all, who wants a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly?



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Written by Zipie