How Digital Technology Can Aid in Business Communication

Apr 16, 2020 11:38:05 AM / by Zipie

Business communication has been forced to be creative as Americans have been encouraged to social distance and stay indoors. As a result, it has grown harder to stay in contact with coworkers and clients. This obstacle can be overcome through the use of multiple technology tools. Here at Zipie, we have adapted a few digital tools to help keep our business as usual while working from the comfort of our homes.

1. Zoom

Zoom allows multiple users to video-conference from various locations. It is a great tool for conducting business as usual while moving all employees remotely. Not only can internal meetings take place virtually, but also client meetings. Zoom allows businesses to not lose the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction by providing an alternative way for this to take place. Don’t let communication suffer and try video conferencing today to make the most of technology during the pandemic.

2. Slack

This collaboration hub allows you to quickly connect and communicate internally to keep projects moving along. This tool acts as a faster communication method by providing instant messaging to keep teams productive from afar. Slack is a way to combat cluttered inboxes and work real-time with coworkers while maintaining constant, organized communication. Slack allows you to create custom channels so you can break up your communication by various teams which allows collaboration and brainstorming on different projects and clients.  

3. HubSpot

Staying in touch with your customers is more important than ever. Providing customers with constant updates and useful content will help foster community and keep you connected until you can join back together in person. HubSpot allows you to set up automation workflows to stay in contact with your customers as well as create custom emails or landing pages to house updates and information during this time.

Your customers are going to be turning to you for transparency during this time. By proactively practicing strong social communication, you stay connected with your audience and empower them with real-time updates.


Business communication is crucial during a crisis and digital technology can be utilized to effectively keep their practices running. Adopt a few of our above practices to help keep your employee and customer communication clear and concise. Looking to further improve your communication during this time? Check out our guide on how to communicate during a crisis.


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Written by Zipie