Always Stay Humble and Kind: Business Practices and Tim McGraw

Mar 6, 2019 9:21:41 AM / by Zipie

On Zipie’s social platforms this week, our team has been talking all things social media marketing. We’ve answered questions like “What’s the use in using all 30 of the allowed Instagram hashtags?” and “Why is Twitter so tricky?” Throughout the month, we’ll continue to give you all kinds of tips of the trade so you can feel confident in sharing your brand’s story with honesty, humility and transparency across all social channels.

Business is borne on the backs of community, which is why we want to encourage you to consider ways you can be transparent in every part of your business, not just on social media. Whatever your industry, whatever thing you’re selling, we know you help someone. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business (three cheers for solving problems!). So whether you’re selling corndogs at the state fair or insurance to Fortune 500 companies, your business operates within a specific community. How can you reach that community? Simple. Trust. When customers trust your brand, vision and products, you’ll see amazing results. You foster and build that trust through humility and kindness with your customers, clients and employees.

At Zipie, we take transparency, honesty and humility seriously. That’s why we’re constantly touching base with each other and our clients. We know the best results come when all brains are working together and all ideas are valued and shared. We also value kindness—it’s why we have such a good time together. We believe clients want to work with friends, not robots. So we send Valentine’s cards to our crushes (we mean…clients) and take acts of kindness challenges seriously (which you can read about here).

This week, how can you channel your inner Tim McGraw and stay humble and kind? We’re sure if you give it a shot, you’ll see some phenomenal results. (And, here’s a little inspiration that’ll have you thinking more about humility and kindness—and whether or not you can pull off a cowboy hat.)


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Written by Zipie