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RIP Organic Social: How to Revive Your Organic Reach

May 8, 2019 1:05:00 PM / by Bailey Thomas

You may have heard about organic social reach’s untimely death (RIP) and suggestions to amp up your paid social strategy. While this is true, business brands can still have a successful social media presence that doesn’t cost a thing. In the world of ever-changing social media algorithms (we’re looking at you, Instagram) there’s always one thing that holds true: engaging content wins over everything. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to help you get started!

Find Your Audience

Before you start posting, define your audience and how to reach them. It’s easy to think that in order to have a successful social presence you need to be active on all of the platforms; however, this can be ineffective, especially if you’re posting the exact same content across the board. The best performing content differs based on the platform. For example, if your brand is highly visual, focus on photography and actively post on Instagram. If you’re not sure exactly who your audience is, Facebook, with its two billion active users, is your safest bet. The goal should always be to build a community surrounding your brand, so it’s important to first identify where that community lives. 

Invite Interaction

Engagement is key when it comes to social media, so think about your audience and what they would find valuable and relevant before you post. From there, you can easily track your posts’ performance, and create more content your followers enjoy. Keep your audience on their toes with a combination of branded images, videos, polls and photo galleries that make them stop to learn more about your brand. Asking a question or inviting your followers to share their thoughts are easy ways to spark a conversation, directly resulting in more reach for your post.

Listen Up

No one likes that friend that always talks but never listens. Don’t be that friend. If you’re posting content you want people to engage with, you have to engage as well. When your followers comment and share insight on your posts be sure to respond (and quickly!) Responding to your fans will help humanize your brand and encourage them to come back for more. Effective social listening also involves jumping into conversations and interacting with other users and companies, especially if they’re relevant to your industry. Searching for hashtags on Instagram and Twitter is the perfect way to see what people are talking about and, when appropriate, adding to the conversation to increase brand visibility.

Need help with your organic social strategy? Not a problem. Our social team can help!

— Bailey, Social Media Coordinator


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Bailey Thomas

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