Using the perfect #hashtags (7.3m) to build an Instagram following

Apr 22, 2019 6:32:05 PM / by Zipie

There’s no doubt hashtags have slowly become a part of not only social media, but our lives. People use hashtags for everything from weddings and parties to advocacy programs and marches. Hashtags are a vital piece of your Instagram social media strategy, and we’re here to break down a few tips for you. And, if you didn’t catch our last post about busting the Instagram algorithm, check it out here before you get started!

10/10/10 Strategy

The 10/10/10 Strategy is an easy and effective way to get your content on the coveted Explore page on Instagram. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on each post. With the 10/10/10 strategy, you’ll choose 10 smaller, industry-specific hashtags with less than 50,000 total posts (#exteriordesign), 10 mid-sized hashtags with less than 200,000 total posts (#moderncraftsman) and 10 large hashtags with less than 2,000,000 total posts (#landscapedesign).

Use the 10/10/10 strategy, but also do your research

Hashtags should never be arbitrary. Though #instadaily may seem like a good idea after you talk to your 15-year-old cousin, think of choosing hashtags for your posts as another way to engage your community. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and consider what they’d search in order to find your content—then, use that as a hashtag. Remember, though: if the hashtag is overused, your post’s changes of being seen are lessened, which is a bummer for your beautifully curated content.

Rotate your hashtags

In order to minimize clickbait and bots, Instagram monitors hashtag use extremely closely. Occasionally, the platform will sometimes ban a specific hashtag to minimize vague content. While you may not know which hashtags are banned and when (Instagram is pretty quiet about this whole thing), a sure way to decrease your chances of going to Instagram jail is changing your hashtag use up. Be sure your hashtags relate directly to you and your post and rotate them each time for the best results. And, as always, keep in mind that the more specific and longer the hashtag, the less likely it is to be seen. Be sure to check your hashtag’s number of viewers regularly.    

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Written by Zipie