Morning, Joe.

Jul 26, 2019 11:01:17 AM / by Zipie

Here at Zipie, we always brew the best cup of coffee. It’s always hot, and it’s always within 20 feet of everyone. Everyone has a unique cup: from our Accounting Assistant Alex Burgan’s Patrick Ma’homie to our Social Media Coordinator Bailey’s “B” mug. Our Graphic Designer Andrew Dyer shows his love for the Avengers every day while our Digital Strategist Rob Bebout makes sure everyone knows his name when he takes a sip. I am a fan of the arts, so I make sure to display my THE MET mug from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whether you like yours black or with cream and sugar, you understand everyone within Zipie is unique, but bonded through rich taste of coffee in the morning.

After we’ve customized our coffees and ransacked the cream and sugar, we have our daily Zap! meeting, where everyone explains their list for the day. Individuals go around the circle, listening to what everyone has going on. While the meeting only lasts a few minutes, everyone within the company understands what is being accomplished that day. And while I may be a Social Media Intern, I understand what one of our Graphic Designers, Caleb, is completing today and how it affects the workflow of everyone at the office. I remember that Makenzie will be unavailable at a certain time because she has a meeting beginning at 2:30. Or maybe our Copywriter, Haley, will be out of the office after lunch for a client photoshoot. These small details lead to a more productive workspace because, collectively, we know what’s happening and where each project stands. If I understand what Caleb is creating and when the deadline is, then I have more peace of mind trusting that the project will be completed on schedule.

If you are a prospective client, pull up a chair and grab a cup of joe. Our wonderful team will help you revitalize your website’s landing page or make sure your social media strategy is providing the returns you want to see.


Palmer, Summer 2019 Zintern

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Written by Zipie