How to not be a robot and master the Al Gore Rhythm

Mar 10, 2019 4:51:24 PM / by Zipie

There’s a word floating around the Internet that can strike fear in any entrepreneur and frustrate social media users everywhere. Algorithms sound frightening and a little robotic, but not to worry. Team Zipie is here to help you decode these Al Gore Rhythms (wait, what?) and grow your business with one—yes, one—tip.

Tip One: Your social media pages should champion community.

While that may seem like a buzzword-worthy statement at first, hear us out. Studies show that, while more people want to hear from an algorithm rather than a human, 2018 was the year anxiety started rising because of social media’s bots, fake news and click-bait. So the algorithm changed…again. Facebook now pushes conversational posts that encourage genuine discussion (do not fall into the “like, comment and share!” trap) to the top of newsfeeds. LinkedIn champions those who open up about their personal lives on the notoriously stuffy networking app. Twitter decreases the value of click-bait articles and bots are almost immediately shut down. Even Instagram, where influencers run amok, has shifted from a chronological timeline to one displaying the friendliest of engagers toward the top of your feed. Social media platforms everywhere are squashing cookie-cutter, fake content in favor of humanity and good storytelling.

If you’re saying “But, Team Zipie! I’m not a bot! What does this mean for me?” It means a lot of good things. Only you have your voice and story, which means only you can share your specific message with the world. So when considering your social media strategy and brand message, keep it honest. We already know the best results are yielded with a dash of humility and kindness, and now it’s time to take that and fly: You are your brand, and no one else can tell your story quite like you can. So, show us what you’re made of.

And if you need a little help, well, we’ve got a whole team on standby, waiting just for you—we love storytelling through marketing.


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Written by Zipie