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Advertising is Better with Friends: An Integrated Marketing Approach

Dec 4, 2019 10:23:05 AM / by Bailey Thomas

Today, traditional marketing is more expensive and less effective than ever, when used by itself. Interruptive experiences and irrelevant content cause friction in the buyer’s journey and can ultimately be what causes customers to shop elsewhere. However, by using multiple marketing software programs and platforms, you can provide a seamless, consistent and customer-centric experience from the beginning. Here’s how we use integration technology to produce ROI and build relationships.


Think of Yext as the spring cleaning you should’ve done three springs ago. Your brand lives in many places on the internet. And while your website is a major part of your online presence, it’s not the only one. With Yext and our own Zipie Scan, you can scan the hundreds of platforms where your company appears to ensure your information is updated and accurate. For example, Yahoo doesn’t need to say your hours are 9-5 when they’re really 8-4. It’s about building trust with your customers and clients.



If Yext is your spring cleaning, HubSpot helps you keep those daily chores to a minimum with automation software. When you have a partnership with HubSpot, you can maximize advertising and marketing efforts through retargeting, email campaign automation, social posting and more. Examples of HubSpot capabilities include: creating landing pages encouraging your audience to perform a specific task, retarget those who complete the task (or don’t!) on social media and provide better conversion rates. How does team Zipie do it? Get the deets here.



As a Google Partner, creating dynamic and engaging search, video, mobile, display and shopping advertising campaigns can be executed with ease. With Google, you have the ability to meet your customers where they are, when they’re searching for your product or service. Finding your audience at the right place at the right time can have a direct effect on your bottom line.


Don’t have the time to implement an integrated marketing approach at your company? Zipie can help!

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Bailey Thomas

Written by Bailey Thomas