How to Effectively Communicate with your Customers During a Crisis

Mar 19, 2020 10:34:25 AM / by Zipie

It is important during this difficult time, that marketing activity must not lag. Now more than ever, it is important to stay in touch with your consumers. When the economic pressures of the current crisis lift, it is vital that businesses do not lose momentum and that there is a clear path to further your strategic business objectives. As you are considering your current marketing activities, we ask that you consider the following:

Stay in touch.

Customers will need to continue to hear from you in a measured, strategic manner. When the market improves, pent-up demand will find customers looking for your products and services. Don't allow an interruption in your marketing activity to cause long-term damage to your bottom line by not being present.

Stay relevant.

Consider expanding friendly, helpful content that is related to your brand and that will continue to delight your customers throughout. For health-focused brands, consider recipes and home workout tips that will allow your customers to stay focused on their goals. For financial companies for example, consider helpful insights into saving and planning tools. The point is to stay relevant, and to remain a trusted market and thought leader to your customer and prospects.  

Stay strategic.

Business goals will change as a result of disruption. Take this time to communicate with your agency to re-evaluate ongoing objectives and how these new objectives will apply in the coming months. Take advantage of market opportunities, and reduce potential loss by staying proactive with your marketing.

 Your customers are going to be turning to you for transparency during this time. By proactively practicing strong social communication, you stay connected with your audience and empower them with real-time updates.


Topics: Social Media, Advertising, Strategy


Written by Zipie