How Instagram is Growing for Advertisers

Mar 10, 2020 4:21:51 PM / by Gabby Fix

The rise of Facebook’s secret weapon, Instagram, is one to follow in the year of 2020 for advertising. There is a unique opportunity for advertisers to capitalize on as more than 500 million people are posting Instagram stories daily. Not only does Instagram’s engagement beat out Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, but it can even be seen outperforming Facebook in 2020. With the new integration of advertisements featured on “Explore” feeds, more interest-based targeting is seen on the social platform than ever before.

The explore page allows users to view content related to the accounts they follow from those in which they don’t already. The feature allows brands to reach new consumers while resonating with culturally relevant and trending topics. This is just one new and exciting way Instagram is adapting for advertisers along with its previous capabilities of promoted content.

The explore page isn’t the only new feature on the Instagram application. IGTV is an exciting, fairly new feature to Instagram’s one billion users. Similar to YouTube, IGTV allows users access to long-form content. Videos can be up to one hour long, a large contrast to the usual limitation of a minute long for standard video posts. Although there are no ads currently featured in IGTV, this is a great new tool for advertisers to utilize. It allows brands the capability to produce realistic, enticing organic content.

In addition to new advertising advancements, Instagram has recently introduced eCommerce features to their application. The eCommerce integration consists of a partnership with Shopify which allows brands to product tag and house their own Shop tab directly in the Instagram interface. When paired with “Explore” feed advertisements, brands have the ability to provide a seamless checkout experience to those stumbling upon their ads in which they never would’ve come across before.

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- Gabby Fix, Zintern

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Gabby Fix

Written by Gabby Fix