Side-stepping the Notorious Instagram Algorithm

Apr 5, 2019 1:07:31 PM / by Zipie

It’s no secret that Instagram is changing consumer culture. In one scroll, you can view content from pet pigs, your cousin and a twerking grandma (no, seriously). With the dawn of Instagram influencers comes marketing made simple. Well, simpler than other platforms. Instagram can be a major player in your social media strategy with three simple steps.   

Be Consistent

Though Instagram, like Facebook and Twitter, also made a shift from chronological to an algorithm emphasizing engagement, consistency is key in creating successful content. Posting regularly doesn’t downrank your posts—in fact, it helps you feature higher in a user’s timeline.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to mobilize your post. That is, to get them on the Explore page. Though hashtags don’t necessarily bump your content to the top of timelines, using unique hashtags for each post helps you become discoverable to people who don’t follow you. Yet. Keep the 10/10/10 rule of hashtags in mind. This rule helps you pull impressions from multiple audiences by using 10 location-focused hashtags, 10 general appeal hashtags and 10 niche interest hashtags. Any time you’re using hashtags, remember to tread the specificity line lightly. Super popular hashtags like #instadaily won’t easily get you impressions, but no one is going to search for #zipievegasvacation2019 either. Unfortunately.

Build a Community, then a following

As with Facebook, community engagement is the ticket to building an effective social media following. This means your strategies should focus on creating interesting and engaging content that encourages your users to interact with you as a brand. Don’t be a robot. Unless you’re an engaging one.

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Written by Zipie