The Art of Predicting Consumer Journeys Rather Than Reacting to Them

Feb 25, 2020 1:26:54 PM / by Gabby Fix

In order to effectively advertise, marketers aim to encounter their audience along the consumer journey. Our main goals are to connect, convince and convert. These three objectives can be easier said than done. Specifically, conversion seems to be tricky for advertisers today.

There has been a rising demand for personalization when it comes to advertising. As a result, conversion has become a hot commodity. Consumers today have a need to be spoken to directly. They want to feel as though brands are real human beings, a friend of some sorts.

The consumer journey differs by age. Generational differences can be seen across research regarding reactions to advertising. Generation Z specifically is a hard audience to grasp. This generation is active and constantly scrolling. As a result, they can be a difficult audience to grab the attention of and spark conversion.

Predicting the consumer journey rather than reacting is a tool which can help reach the audience of Generation Z. With research, advertisers can alter their advertising messaging and executions to target these consumers before they traditionally would prior. We can infer that because a Generation Z consumer liked three of our Instagram posts, they have interest in our brand and serve them with a sponsored advertisement or nurture the relationship with curated emails curated to the content engaged with. This is an innovative way to propel your reach to consumers. By predicting the consumer journey, more consumers can be reached than ever before!

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- Gabby Fix, Zintern

Topics: Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Gabby Fix

Written by Gabby Fix