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Step up your Holiday Strategy with Cart Abandonment Workflows

Nov 15, 2019 10:00:52 AM / by Zipie

Have you ever had the shopping cart of midnight’s past haunt you after leaving a purchase in your cart and not checking out? This somewhat creepy, but very effective tactic is referred to in the marketing world as Cart Abandonment Workflows. These automated email workflows are a part of the process with various automated sequences set based on user actions through a platform such as Hubspot. For example, if someone leaves a pair of boots in their shopping cart, they will receive an email a day later stating “don’t forget about me!” with a link to purchase the same boots they added to their cart, but never purchased. For businesses, this strategy can help you take advantage of a sale that otherwise would have been lost without following up with a consumer who did not pull the trigger on an item. This tactic has proven success in an everyday retail strategies, especially for the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.

While online shopping during these popular days, consumers typically add items to their cart as they search the internet for the best deal on that particular item or may forget to return altogether. In order to maximize sales and to recover the loss of a purchase left behind in a cart, you can implement cart abandonment workflows around the shopping holiday to entice consumers to go back to their left behind items. According to a recent study from Retail Dive, Cart Abandonment Workflows were the highest performing automation workflows of Black Friday in 2018, with an order rate of 2.13%. This trend is significant as it almost doubles the order rate  of Black Friday cart abandonment in 2017.


Not only do these workflows help entice consumers to go back and make a purchase, but it also allows you to nurture these relationships and tailor your marketing efforts based on the items they leave behind in their cart. Including recommendations for gift ideas, similar items or fun products for the shopper to treat themselves to can take these workflows to the next level.


Not sure how to implement automation into your strategy and curious if Hubspot is the right platform for you? Drop us a note below and we can discuss all the options over a cup of coffee!

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Written by Zipie