Breaking the Black Friday Mold

Nov 21, 2018 5:07:41 PM / by Zipie

Black Friday is by far the biggest shopping day of the year, but with the title can come the chaos.

This is a pattern that many brands have noticed and have taken action to improve the stigma that comes with the territory. Various companies have found ways to stand out in the frenzy without trying to compete in pricing, whether it is to promote company beliefs or simply to break the mold of Black Friday.


In 2016 Patagonia dedicated Black Friday as a day to give back to the community. Instead of boosting their sales revenue on the largest retail day of the year, they donated 100% of all Black Friday sales to grassroots organizations working to create positive change for the planet. This move aligns with the mission and brand values of Patagonia as they donate 1% of sales every day to nonprofit environmental groups.


Everlane has dedicated this shopping day to giving back and has created a Black Friday Fund from the revenue they receive that day. The fund is then used to create a pesticide-free farm that produces fresh and healthy meals for up to 5,000 employees at their clothing factory in Vietnam.


Instead of competing with their various competitors on pricing, REI decided to take a different approach to the day and created what is now known as “Opt Outside”. This campaign consisted of closing all 143 stores, the distribution center and headquarters on Black Friday and instead encourage people to get outside and enjoy the day with friends and family. REI may be closed on Black Friday, but all 12,000 employees still get paid for the day. This campaign has grown into a part of their brand and they carry this into their daily beliefs of encouraging people to get outside, put down their phones and enjoy the outdoors.

While we commend these company for breaking the mold, there is nothing wrong with a Black Friday sale, after all who doesn’t love a good deal? As the day quickly approaches, we encourage you to think of unique ways that align with your brand’s mission and beliefs that will help you stand out this holiday season and help you connect with your customers.



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Written by Zipie