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How Spotify Uses Personalization to Increase Customer Engagement

Dec 9, 2019 2:44:01 PM / by Paige Hansen posted in Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing


In a world of so much noise, ads following you everywhere online and sales being shoved down your throat, brands have been shifting their gears to a more humanized approach that speaks to and delights a consumer without being super salesy. When this approach is done correctly, the consumer may not even notice they are being marketed to. Brands are centering themselves around appealing to audiences on a more personal level by showing how their products relate to a consumer’s everyday life and the emotions that coincide with that. By connecting on a more human level, brands are able to interact more with their customers, increase loyal customers and drive traffic. One brand in specific that does this really well is the music streaming service, Spotify. By using data collected through the app, the streaming service is able to tailor content to their consumers based upon their consumer behaviors.

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