Six Reasons to be a Zintern

Mar 2, 2018 9:20:28 AM / by Chloe Bates

College readers: graduation is coming, and the real world is looming. (We’re scared too.)

Should I go to graduate school? What is so wrong with living in my parent’s basement forever? And…should I get an internship? If you want to, gross don’t do that, and YES.

Here’s why we love being Zinterns, and why we think you would too.

1. You get to test drive your skills.

Let’s be honest. Class does not sufficiently prepare you for the work that comes in the industry you are passionate about. Working as a Zipie intern (affectionately referred to as Zinterns) gives you grounded experience of what your graphic design, social media, digital, advertising, marketing (the sky is the limit) studies might look like in a work environment. You will get the chance to create content for clients in real world scenarios. I have been working with one of our awesome clients to develop a new plan to revitalize their social media presence, increase follower count and help engage current users.

2. You’ll find role models.

Yes, you are surrounded by many professors and student leaders that act as great role-models. But, being a Zintern can give you the opportunity to meet different individuals with diverse leadership styles that push you to pursue your passions. At Zipie, you will be surrounded by people who take the time to contribute to your success. A fellow intern, Grace, said, “I am constantly being inspired to be more innovative. Zipie gives you the opportunity to work outside your own comfort zone.”

3. You’ll learn to work as part of a team.

This is a word used around the Zipie office every day. As a Zipie intern, you will get the chance to collaborate with fellow interns and Zipie employees from various departments. Zipie teaches you how to work as a team with your co-workers (and have fun at the same time). Our favorite part of the week is Zipie Connect. On Thursday afternoons, the Zipie team gets together to unwind from the busy week by playing games, laughing together and (of course) enjoying some snacks.

4. You will gain confidence in your field.

After being a Zipie intern, you will feel confident that you can take on what your future employer hands you. Whether your industry is graphic design or social media, you will feel equipped to handle your next steps. Zipie intern, Monica, said, “After working with the graphic design team at Zipie I feel much more prepared to take on jobs in the future. They have really helped me expand my skills.” Don’t like the path you’ve chosen? You can switch up your internship any time you want. You can learn about all the different positions in an agency: social, digital, account, creative and copywriting. The team at Zipie has confidence in you, so you will feel confident in yourself. Because let’s be honest, you are great!

5. You’ll expand your network.

Zipie is the perfect way to meet talented people in the field you are interested in. Zipie offers cover letter workshops and resume editing to their interns. They will even do mock interviews! Don’t tell them we said this, but the Zipie staff is full of fun people who are always willing to help and are excited to watch you succeed. Zipie allows you to connect with smart individuals who are a great resource for you.

6. It will be the experience of a lifetime.

Zipie gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of departments. You can discover a new skill you have or a field you didn’t know you love. You will make friends and discover how cool advertising really is.

There are also donuts. And who doesn’t love donuts?

Interested in joining the coolest team of Zinterns? Of course you are. Apply here!


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Chloe Bates

Written by Chloe Bates