Our Recent Client Spotlight: October 2018

Oct 4, 2018 3:30:05 PM / by JP Miller

We love nothing more than providing businesses from every walk of life with an online presence that works for both them and their customers. With over 88% of consumers using the Internet before investing in a product or service today, curating an online presence that is irresistible and engaging is critically important.

That’s why we’re proud to highlight some of our recent clients, using our services to further their reach, reputation and conversion through digital! By leveraging creative design, customized marketing outreach, social media marketing, and branding, we are working with each of these clients, right now, to locate and activate their ideal online audience.

Let’s introduce you to our latest additions to our family:

First Commonwealth Bank

A local full-service banking institution that provides everything from personal checking and savings accounts, to investment accounts, consumer loans, and business products, First Commonwealth Bank is a financial staple here in Kentucky. Looking to rev up their online presence while making interaction with their website more engaging and interactive, they sought out our website design and development services – plus our marketing help to expand their reach in to new markets and update their brand.

With the right creative vision, we are helping to make First Commonwealth Bank an enjoyable experience online.

Crank & Boom

If you’ve never had a scoop from Crank & Boom, you are seriously missing out. This local Lexington ice cream lounge sought out our services to expand their online presence to allow more people to know about their delicious home-made flavors. Earning accolades like being named one of the 50 Best Places in the South Now by Southern Living, Crank & Boom’s ice cream products speak for themselves. We’re just simply here to help them get the word out (and use it as an excuse to go get more ice cream)!

Friends of Coal

Dedicated to further the awareness, education, and support of the coal industry, Friends of Coal is an interactive organization that provides a united voice for stakeholders and advocates of the greater coal industry. Helping them to get their message to even more people on a larger scale, we are working with Friends of Coal to update their online presence while creating a more engaging experience on their website platform. We’re helping to unify communication for advocates and further their mission for a more productive and successful future.

Our Zipie Commitment

We believe that the language of digital is universal. That’s why we work as a digital marketing firm with every kind of business, organization, and platform today. Websites are critical windows into every operation, with social media, branding, and creative design coming together to create a frictionless online experience dedicated to lead generation and brand advocacy. We’re proud to be helping our clients achieve greater accessibility and notoriety.

We look forward to many more prosperous months with these clients, and can’t wait to see all that they are going to accomplish.


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JP Miller

Written by JP Miller