How to Deal with Trolls

Oct 15, 2018 2:56:27 PM / by Zipie

Don’t feed them. Seriously. Don’t waste your time and energy on a user who will never back down and only wants to stir up trouble for the heck of it. While we value customer support and social media as a communication tool between brands and customers, there are some people who just want to watch the world burn (from safely behind their screen). So for those users we say: Hide ‘em.

 So someone commented something not so nice on your most recent post. Instead of duking it out in the comments, save yourself some time and energy and hide their comment. Hover over the three small dots next to their comment. You’ll see in the dropdown options that you can hide their comment. Click that and now only the user and their friends can see it, so they won’t know you hid it from everyone else.

Not harsh enough? You can also delete their comment. However, when they inevitably revisit your post to investigate why their snarky comment didn’t receive so much as a ‘like’ or commiserating comment, they’ll see their comment is gone and likely comment again saying something along the lines of: 

“This company is hiding the truth! They keep deleting my comments! Let me be angry at you!”

To avoid that, you could go full savage and ban the user from your page altogether and wash your hands of it. Once banned they won’t even be able to see your page pop up when they search you or tag your company in any future posts on their personal page. Troll defeated.

To be clear, we only recommend this method for users who are impossible to please and just like to stir up trouble, not ACTUAL customer complaints. If the comment or review is valid and you can do something to help the user, you should. Even if you can’t fix the problem you should reach out so they feel heard. Ignored customer complaints have the potential to turn into trolls, so tread lightly.


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Written by Zipie